Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Newest little one

Your sister emailed these to us last night. I wonder what it is? She didn't say if they know or not. At least you can tell that it is a baby, some of ours I was not sure. She says she is due April 14th. This is the best, doesn't it look like it is looking right at you and waving like Forrest Gump?

Saturday, September 26, 2009

down by the RIVER.

I tried to turn this but I guess you will just have to turn your head. I took this one to make fun of your mom, the kids didn't get the joke but I think you will.
I love this picture! I can't beleive I cought it in mid air like that. This rock was out in the water a few rocks from shore. So he had to really work at getting it out there and then look at how hard he is working at throwing it.

This is the tadpole that James caught. It will be a big from someday.


You will be home in this many days.

I don't know if this made them feel better or worse, it looks kindof long especially if you are 5. In a big surprise I got the count wrong. I am sure that either we will run out of them before you come home or there will be some left over. Why could I get A's in school and now I can't make a paper chain?

Friday, September 25, 2009


Part of the big dead branch finally fell. James and Ciera were out taking care of the rabits but not close to it when it fell, I'm kinda glad I wasn't catching planed wood at the time.

The snake

So here is the picture of the kids with the snake, after it could not hurt them.